Define digital media platform and it’s descriptions.

Digital media is any media that is encoded in a machine-readable format. define digital media is that thing which does his every work digital way in this digital platform digital created different kind of view, animation, cartoon etc, digital media do this think with digital electronics and devices.

 Digital media with digital devices

Define digital media

Nowadays we do all of our work with the digital device. Just this for digital devices our word come closer in this digital media we all communicate with each other with a mobile phone it is a digital device. And the other  digital media devices are this device are the digital computer, tv, laptop, radio, telephone, camera, phone, and much more …

About the computer and the  digital media

  In this  world computer is that think which is a part of our daily life. A computer is a hardware and it works with its programs and software. With this programs and software computer do his work. programs and software make many kinds of digital thing such as digital imagery, digital video; video games; web pages and websites, including social media; data and databases; digital audio, such as mp3s; and e-books are examples of digital media.

Our communication with  digital media platform

Now the world is counting to a village cause now our distance doesn’t fact to our communicate now we have digital devices and for this, we all communicate each other with digital devices such as Mobile phone and some digital way.

In the  digital media, the contribute of social media

Social media is that thing which helps us to lead a modern life. Social media are computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks… Some famous social media is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google etc. Just for this thinks the world come close and we all communicate each other very easily.

Digital platform and its definition

A digital platform refers to the software or hardware of a site. For example, Facebook is a digital platform. Microsoft digital creativity is a platform for the digital creativity and they want to create all our work with the digital way for this create this project.